Tuesday, September 5, 2017

#400 Sitrep & Flashback: Black Ops!

Your boy Numbers here with an update on the special animated issue, Ages 25 & Up #400.  Production is taking longer than expected and voice recording had to be delayed since I got a throat infection.  Pretty self-explanatory.

So while we wait for #400, I'll post some "It Came From the Backissues!"-style old stuff.  Stories we might have forgotten about, or ones worth revisiting.  This week, here's the Black Ops story, which ran way back in May of 2009.

It was my first attempt at a serious story, one starring Beachhead and Dusty.  I don't think it quite worked out as well as it did in my head, but it's one I look back upon fondly.  The first time I used outdoor photography in the comic, too!  Check out all three issues below, and check back next time for some more Flashbacks and an update on #400.

See ya then!
- Your pal Numbers

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