Thursday, December 31, 2009

COMIC - File #72: "G.I. Joe: Resolutions"

This is it! The last comic of the decade! Hope you all have a fantastic 2010.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

COMIC - File #71: "Merry Cobramas"

It's that time of year again! Time for the second annual Ages 25 & Up Christmas issue! Last year's Christmas issue didn't go so well, so let's hope there's nothing to ruin the Joes' holiday THIS year!

I hope you all have an excellent holiday season and a fantastic New Year. I'll make a New Year's post before the month is over, reminiscing about what Two Thousand & Nine had in store for Joe fans (and for the comic!), as well as mention a few of my plans for 2010. Wow, "twenty-ten." Just saying that makes it sound like the future!

Here's the comic! Stay frosty, gang.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Q & Ages 25 & Up #12: December 2009

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This is a milestone, ladies and gentlemen! This is the 12th Q&A we've had here at the Ages 25 & Up blog. January 10, 2009 marked the first Q&A, so while it hasn't exactly been a whole year, it's close enough! And this is the final Q&A session for the year, too! Once again, a huge thank-you to Monkeywrench and everyone else from the forums who helped with our online discussions!

Here's what Monkeywrench said, and the questions. Enjoy!
It's time for the December Q & A! This being the busy time of year we only have 6 questions this time. This is probably the most personal Q & A to date as none of the questions have anything to do with the current or past storylines. Anyway, here're the questions. Thanks to G.I.Eddie and to Topside for helping.

Question #1 - Monkeywrench asks:
Do you follow or pay attention to any other Joe comics/dios? There is a few others that pop up on the Tank from time to time. I’m wondering if you pay attention to other people’s work? Or do you try to ignore others to keep your ideas fresh?

1337W422102 answers:
It's not that I purposefully ignore other people, it's just that I work on my own comic and... well, I'm an introvert. I used to follow COL Abernathy's Axis Power over on the forums, which is incredible by the way. It makes my dinky little comic look like the dinky little comic it is!

Question #2 - Monkeywrench asks:
Will we be seeing a story involving Ripcord? I think you would write a very interesting story involving the different incarnations of him. I think it would be a classic.

1337W422102 answers:
The only Rip Cord figure I have is his v1 figure, who appeared in File #30 "Rip Off". I had chance to buy his 25th Anniversary version, but I decided instead to buy a 25th Clutch for my best friend. Can you blame me?

I want him to show up again, but I think it will have to wait until I get his 25th version. And I am NOT buying any of the Wayans brothers.

Question #3 - Topside asks:
Have you ever seen Kelly Heroes? Comic gold! I’d love to see you work some of that into a A25U story!

1337W422102 answers:
Kelly's Heroes, the wartime heist comedy? I haven't seen it, but it sounds awesome. I don't think anything that has Clint Eastwood in it needs to be remade, either!

Question #4 - Topside asks:
Don’t know if it’s the same thing in Canada as it here in the States, but why is Star Wars more popular than G.I. Joe? Do they get a larger line because they’re more popular or they are more popular because of a better managed line? Your opinion?

1337W422102 answers:
Well, with stuff like Clone Wars aimed at kids and Star Wars collectors having the chance to buy figures of every single z-grade character who's ever appeared on-screen ever, there's a hell of a lot of Star Wars stuff out there to buy. I think that franchise is popular because, well, it's great. Plus, it's not hard to see why the fantasy worlds of Star Wars seem to have more appeal than stuff like army dudes from something kids've never heard of before, you know? I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but we have a lot of Star Wars stuff up here in Canada, too. But not enough, I tell ya - I can't wait for that Slave Girl Leia figure to kneel to Clutch.

Question #5 - G.I.Eddie asks:
Seriously, how much fun do you have making these strips? It’s like playing with your toys, but grown up style… what’s the most fun part? The setup, story creation, or the dialogue?

1337W422102 answers:
It's a LOT of fun to make the comic, but sometimes it does become a chore. During school weeks, my week would often break down like this: Type up scripts on school computers between classes and e-mail them to myself. Edit the comics at home after/instead of homework. Saturdays would usually be dedicated to the comic, shooting and editing, which would halve my weekend. It's a lot of work, which is why some issues were a measly 4 panels because I just couldn't dedicate more time to the comic and manage to finish my assignments. Take for example Files #65 and #66. They were originally written as a single comic but due to real-life, I had to split it up into two.

But yeah, every week, I get to play with toys, take silly photos, and dick around in Photoshop. I love it. If only women and money were involved!

The most fun part, I find, it talking with you guys, the readers, over at the A25U thread on the forums. Getting your reactions and interacting with you is the best part of making the comic. Knowing that someone had a good laugh to start the weekend makes it all worth it!

Question #6 - G.I.Eddie asks:
Do you have help with your comics? I can imagine how fun it would be to have a couple guys bouncing ideas off each other, posing the figures in positions that aren’t exactly kid friendly, lol.

1337W422102 answers:
Sometimes I talk about the comic with friends and toss around ideas, but the only time I've had someone else around when shooting a comic was for last year's Christmas special. My friend let me shoot a scene in the Christmas village. Other than that, I shoot them all alone at my place. I launch WinAmp, blast some tunes, and shoot that crap. I really don't want other people around as I spend hours moving toys around and photograph them, because I'm sure they'd get bored out of their minds.

There you have it! Hope the I was able to answer your questions! Join us again next month!

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

'This That Season

Well, it's that time of year again. You know, the time to be jolly and whatnot. I don't know what it is about this time of year that brings out the worst in some people, though. You ever run into real dicks while doing your Christmas shopping?

Geez. I was at a bookstore the other day (one of the few places left where you'd expect to find people using their heads), and two morons nearly got into a fight at the escalators. To be honest, I wouldn't have minded if that young guy pushed the racist older dude down those robot stairs.

Hope you guys don't become the dicks that can make Christmas shopping rage-worthy. I also hope you spend your holiday season with loved ones and don't end up like this guy:

Friday, December 18, 2009

COMIC - File #70: "A Real American Teamup," Part 10

At long last, the anti-climactic conclusion to the longest-running Ages 25 & Up story yet! Here is Part 10, the final chapter of A Real American Teamup. Enjoy!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Arbco Islands Ready for Industrial Revolution

Thanks for helping Cobra expand their settlement in the Cayman Islands! There are now 50 Cobra settlers and it is time for the farmland to begin industrialization!

In order to build factories for the settlers, visit If you'd rather increase the population, visit Increasing Population and Increasing Industry both count as "Actions," and you can only do one Action per day (per computer, anyway).

So choose wisely and help improve the Arbco Islands colony to help Cobra's settlement become the #1 highest-ranking city in the Cayman Islands! COBRAAAAA!!

Visit the Arbco Islands if you wish, but be sure to come back here tomorrow for the final chapter of the A Real American Teamup story, featuring that Star-Spangled Badass, Captain America!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Arbco Islands Update

Cobra is making progress! Here's what a newspaper had to say about their expanding colony in the Cayman Islands:

Monday, 14 December, 2009. Late Edition.

"Cobra Settlement Shedding its Skin," by Clark Parker

Last week, the world discovered leaked military satellite photos which proved that international enterprise Cobra Command (Stock Symbol: FJoe) has invaded the Cayman Islands.

What began as a few cabins developed into farmland. Now, after only a weekend, the settlement known as the "Arbco Islands" has grown into a small town, with paved roads, a hospital-like building, and a residential housing district. Architects have commented that the Arbco Islands' houses look "eerily similar to [those of] Springfield, USA," a town known for its alleged attachment to Cobra.

The Cobra settlement is rumoured to serve as the new base of operations for the Cobra Physician "DrNightmare," who is believed to have made his lair inside the multistory building in the town's centre.

Cobra's intentions are at this point unknown. International forces have yet to react.

Cobra's little town is growing, and is currently the 183rd largest city in the Cayman Islands. Will it reach #1, conquering the Cayman Islands and the hidden riches they possess? If they're going to, Cobra will need YOUR help! Visit the Arbco Islands today! Each time someone goes to, the town's population will increase and the city will develop. When the population gets high enough, more development options will be available, such as improved transportation and new factories. So if you want Cobra's new overseas base to survive, visit it and/or send the link to some friends! Maximum of one visit per person, per day. COBRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Chanukah!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Chanukah! I'd post the details of what Clutch's planning tonight, but it's definitely NOT kosher. It probably involves a Shiksa or five... Don't tell his grandmother!

In all seriousness, have a happy holiday season!

COMIC - File #69: "A Real American Teamup," Part 9

Welcome back! Let's resume the A Real American Teamup arc.

In Part 8, we learned that Captain America's shield was missing. But that's not his only problem...

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Visit the Beautiful ARBCO ISLANDS!

Cobra is at it again!

Satellite images suggest that a Cobra raiding party has invaded the Cayman Islands! They have named their settlement "Arbco Islands" and are currently expanding. So far it consists of three houses, but there's no telling how large it will grow!

If the Cobra colony is to survive (and ultimately conquer the Cayman Islands), it will need YOUR help! Pack your bags and visit the beautiful Arbco Islands by clicking here! Keep checking back often to monitor the progress.

Want the Arbco Islands to develop further? Recruit your friends into Cobra by putting this link on your Facebook page:

Will Cobra's settlement become a thriving metropolis or dying shanty town? The fate of the Arbco Islands is in YOUR hands!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 7, 1941

I know this has nothing to do with the comic, but I just wanted to let you know that yesterday was the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombings, which led the U.S. to participate in World War II. You don't have to be a history buff to recognize the importance of this event.

Hope you guys have a good week. I'll catch you again later this week with a new comic.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Twenty Years since Polytechnique

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Polytechnique shooting in Montreal. A sexist failure of a man entered a school and, after separating the women from the men in a classroom, gunned down the women in cold blood before ultimately taking his own life.

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with comic. It's a bit of important Montreal history that I thought I would share with you.

Friday, December 4, 2009

COMIC - File #68: "The Emperor's New Jokes"

Time once again for a comic! Hope you have a good weekend. If you find yourself on Montreal on Sunday, head on down to Place Bonaventure for the Montreal Comic Con! See you there.

One more thing: I've added a Cbox to the left-hand sidebar. Scroll down, under the navbuttons and instructions and you will find it. Go ahead and post what you want. If you put in an email address or a website, I can get back to you if you have questions/comments/concerns. Or, I could just post a reply in the box. Either way, post away!

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Happy 100th, Montreal Canadiens!

Just thought I'd throw this out there for you hockey fans. Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Montreal Canadiens.

Now if only they could start playing better like in the good ol' days...

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