Support A25U!

I've been very reluctant to implement this, so hear me out.

Ages 25 & Up is, was, and will always be free.  But, obviously, there are costs involved.  If, for any reason, you feel like throwing a few coins my way, I would greatly appreciate it.  That would go a long way at covering the costs of figures, vehicles, equipment (like that new computer I desperately need), and maybe some lunch.

Also, anyone who makes a contribution can have their name (or codename/nickname/etc.) and a motto inscribed in the Hall of Heroes.  Details below.  Thanks for all the help, everyone!

THIS, you expect me to pay for?
Hell no, but if, for whatever reason, you feel like showing a bit of support, you now have the option to.  And my thanks, as well, for what it's worth!

What's the "Hall of Heroes"?
It's a page where anyone who makes a donation can have a name and brief message posted, and unlike the Cbox comment field in the left sidebar, isn't filled with spam and won't remove old messages.

You don't have to leave a name or a message.  But if you'd like to, let me know and I'll put it up.  I think Paypal lets you send a comment when you make a donation, so put it there or email me.

Here're some examples of names and message, and how it will appear in the Hall:

No fat chicks!

Aliens built the pyramids.

Cease and desist.

Do I have to put a name and/or a message?
Nope.  If you want to be anonymous, that's perfectly fine.  Anonymous contributors will be credited as "(Classified)" if they want a message posted in the Hall.  And if you just want to put a name without a message, that's fine, too!  Examples:

This comic lacks production value.



That's a lame-ass reward.
It's a thank-you gesture for those who feel strongly enough about the comic to toss me some scratch, not a reward for supporting or a reason to pay.

Can I change the message later?
Sure, just email me and let me know.

So I can say anything in my message?
Well, don't go overboard, but pretty much, yeah.  Want to plug your site, forum, etc.?  Go for it.  Just, y'know, don't write crap that folks'll be mad at me for putting up, willya?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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