Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Lego Space Marines need your help!

Anyone here like Lego?  I know I do.

Lego has this website where fan-made models can become real, official Lego sets, and make it to production, which is awesome.  One of these projects is a badass-looking Space Marine theme:

They need enough people to say they like the idea by clicking on a big green button.  At that point, it will go to review, and if it passes, we'll have some Lego Space Marines on our shelves soon enough!  So far, there are about 9,800 supporters, and the project needs 10,000 to go to the review phase.  To make the winter review phase, it needs to hit 10,000 by December 3, I think.

If you get a minute, please visit and show your support for Lego Space Marines!

I'm just a fan; I have nothing to do with the Lego Space Marines project myself other than digging it.  Yes, there is an official Lego space marine minifigure so far, but he's only available in a series of blind-bagged of minifigs, so it's hard to find him, much less army build them!  And the upcoming Galaxy Force line looks disappointing, with garish colours and motocross helmets instead of the bulky space armour these guys have.

So please, visit and support the project.  Thanks a lot!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Remembrance Day

It's once again November 11th; Remembrance Day in Canada.  I don't have much to say, so I'll let Rick Mercer do the talking.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

AGES 25 & UPdate: Still Alive


Numbers reporting in.  Contrary to popular belief, I'm alive!

First of all, I want to apologize for my radio silence recently.  And by "recently," I mean "for the last few months."  I've been around and busy.  Busy with what?  Busy piecing together the next comic, aided by the computer you guys helped me acquire!

Thank you for contributing and for being patient while I got my crap sorted out.  If it wasn't for your help, I'd probably have to make the comics by hand, by cutting up 35 mm film, or something.  Things have been hectic here at the A25U HQ, where production of Duke Nukem Forever #200 continues.  What the hell is taking so long, you ask?

Well, first of all, #200 is the largest A25U-related undertaking I have ever undertook.  So much so that I couldn't even do it alone and have enlisted the help of my friends and brothers-in-harms from the, the most Refreshingly Geek (TM) site you are likely to find on an entire internet.  This isn't just some remastered #100.  It even has a guest writer... sort of!  Here, have a preview image:

Unfortunately for me, real life is duking it out with #200.  I'm currently in my final semester of university, so I often find myself writing papers when I'd rather be editing up the new A25U.  So it's taking a while and will continue to take a while.

No ETA yet, but I want to get it posted before the end of November.  Whether this happens or not, I'm still not sure.  Rest assured: I don't think I'll do something this elaborate for #300.

So here's what I'll do.  I'm going to keep working on #200, while providing occasional updates to you guys, with production stills.  A week before #200 is released, I'll put up #199.5, which will recap the story arc that #200 is a part of.  You remember, that one about Destro coming back or something.

I've also removed the spam-filled Cbox comment field thing from the left sidebar.  I've replaced it some kind of twiddler comment box.  I'm not sure if it's an improvement, but at least there won't be spam now.   Do with it what you will.

Here's another preview.  That's right: #200 has Cobras, Iron Grenadiers, and even beer!  Surely that's worth the wait, right?   ...right?

So, enjoy the photos, post some comments or questions or whatever you want, and stay tuned.  I know I ask a lot of you guys, but I say this as honestly as I can: #200 is coming!

Thanks again,
- Numbers

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