Monday, February 27, 2012

COMIC - File #179: "Pushing the Right Buttons"

A tad late this week. I had a lot to shoot this week due to the weather, but you won't get to see it until at least the next issue. What am I talking about? Find out as Roy continues his plot to get revenge on Clutch!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Q&Ages 25 & Up #28: February 2012

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It's been a while, but we're back with another Q&A session. I've had to delay this one, unfortunately, but it's ready now. Dig in!

Question #1 - T J Bang asks:
I really enjoyed the "one shot" strips of individual characters like Wild Bill, Stalker and Low-Light. Will you be doing more of these?

1337W422102 answers:
Once in a while, yeah. I like doing those styles of issues. I think they're easier to digest since they're not part of a larger, convoluted story (like the overly-long one about the Cobra Commander in jail, and then B.A.D.A.S.S.). Makes it easier to share it with people without having to worry about, "Oh, it'll make sense if you read the last five strips," you know?

That, and thematically, I try to do something unusual, like Stalker's Halloween poem, Cobra grunt dialogue, or just inner monologues, like Wild Bill's and Beachhead's. Also allows for the occasional serious story from time to time, like Bill's and that Valentine's issue.

So yes, there will be more! I've planned one for Lifeline that will be a bit more action-packed than the other ones. Well, maybe not more than that Valentine's one!

Question #2 - T J Bang asks:
In the beginning the Joes were given upgrades (POC Beachhead is the last I recall), Have you or will you do a story on what happens to the outdated forms or is it suggested that theLink upgrades are built upon the original form?

1337W422102 answers:
I imagine the updated bodies more like costumes or suits that the characters put on. So they'd just change them and put them in a closet or warddrobe or something. That's how Stalker shows up in his Valor Vs Venom duds in the Casual Friday story arc. Well, that's how everyone had different costumes, but you know what I mean.

Question #3 - Flint-wo2 asks:
Is this the last we will see of Dr. Mindbender and his shrink ray?

1337W422102 answers:
The good doctor's fancy machine, the Size Adjustment Ray System, was destroyed at the hands (or rather, the feet) of Duke Nukem at the end of the B.A.D.A.S.S. story. Mindbender survived, and he will appear again. But considering how pissed Duke was, the doctor probably won't be building shrink rays again any time soon.

Question #4 - Night Viper 143 asks:
Which of the 2012 upcoming summer blockbusters are you looking forward to seeing/spoofing first?

1337W422102 answers:
I can't think of anything I'm interested in, but I'm assuming Joe fans are going to enjoy that Avengers 3-foot-long Helicarrier, eh? USS Flagg customs are comin'.

Question #5 - Meddatron asks:
Since I am the master of the irrelevant questions, I figured I would continue it going. Here's the scenario: you get asked to direct a movie. 4 scripts are set in front of you from all different genres. They are Comedy, Science-Fiction, Action/Adventure, and Porn. Which do you take?

1337W422102 answers:
The answer is obvious. I'd make a comedic sci-fi action-porn flick with adventure elements.

Question #6 - Meddatron asks:
Have you ever thought about how long you will keep the comic going, or is that something you never think about and figure when you're done?

1337W422102 answers:
I've thought about it, sure. Never seriously, though. I think that, if real life gets too intense, I'd cut back on the comic by making issues shorter and more manageable. I've done this before; some scripts were split into two issues due to time constraints (which is why some stories dragged on and on). I've considered changing the schedule from weekly to releasing one every two weeks. And some times I've thought of stopping altogether.

But I haven't yet and I don't want to. For now, my life is rather monotonous/stable. I have a year of university left and I make this comic as a creative outlet to keep me sane (and because I want to give something back to the G.I. Joe community). So for now, the comic will continue until at least December of 2012. After that, we'll see.

If I don't have the time, the energy, the creativity, or the desire to keep making it, I'll stop it. Simple as that. I don't want to drag this on like a TV series on Fox. When it's dead, I'll drag it out back and boomstick it to hell. Or I'll pull a M*A*S*H and end it when I'm still pleased with it. But let's not worry about that and just enjoy the good thing we have going on here, yes?

Question #7 - Meddatron asks:
The obvious question: what do you think of the Retaliation trailer and what figure do you look forward most to acquire for a possible cameo or chance to write in? If any.

1337W422102 answers:
Hollywood needs a warning label: "Not to be used with most licensed franchises."

As for the figures, I'm not crazy about any of them so far. I'm really not pleased with the ninja-whoring, either. That being said, they seem to have yanked their heads out of their assess in terms of Cobra, which is nice. The Combat Cruiser 4x4 looks badass, but it's unfortunately ninja-themed for some reason and doesn't come with Clutch. Nah, the Clutch man just HAS to ship with that smacked-up tank thing, huh?

And what the balls (or rather, lack of balls) is up with the missing articulation? What is this, Star Wars?

I really don't get why the only desirable items from the list so far are exclusives. Well, not the Shockwave tank, since it looks awful, both in terms of a Shockwave homage and as a HISS Tank. Face it, that vehicle looks like the bastard child of a helicopter and a forklift.

I like the Butch from Pulp Fiction figure. He even comes with Zed's shotgun! I didn't notice his father's gold watch or the katana, though.

Question #8 - Monkeywrench asks:
How long is the Roy vs. Clutch story plan on running and when will we see Clutch’s side of the rivalry?

1337W422102 answers:
I'm not fully sure how long it will last yet. Roy really wants to make Clutch pay so let him savour it a bit. Besides, if he can win back Meredith in the process, more power to him, right? The story will focus on Roy, not Clutch, so we won't get too much of Clutch's perspective, other than "Damn, that Roy's a bastard but his redheaded friend is hot."

Also, I want to thank D.Chan for the figures and Stinger, among other things. Meredith and Roy are his creations and I hope to do them justice.

Question #9 - Monkeywrench asks:
Issue #200 is coming up! What kind of epic plans are you thinking?

1337W422102 answers:
I'd like to do something big, nothing low budget. I'd toyed with the idea of making a comic in Garry's Mod with a friend, but it was a lot of work and looked really half-assed since I wasn't doing a good job.

I think I might do another animation. The last one I did, "Brothers in Silence," was to celebrate the 100th issue but took me twice as long as I'd wanted. I had to a skip a week's comic to finish that short animation up, but I think it was worth it. I'll let you guys be the judges of that!

I'll have to plan out a decent story that will easy enough to put into a simple short and animate, but also, you know, be entertaining. Let me know what you guys think.

Question #10 - Monkeywrench asks:
What 30th figure are you most impressed with?

1337W422102 answers:
I don't know. Those didn't hit general retail here in Canada and you guys know my stance towards paying outta the ass at collector/hobby/specialty shops. But I do so want that Lifeline. I'll probably snag him at the next Montreal Comiccon.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

COMIC - File #178: "Affirmative Actions"

It's still February, so this one is still relevant.
New Q&A this week. Seriously.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

COMIC - File #177: "Book 'Em, Danno"

First appearances of two characters in this one, for what that's worth.
Q&A is coming. I'm working on it, alright?

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

COMIC - File #176: "On A Roll"

Alright, image hosting maintenance seems to have been finished. Sorry about the inconvenience, everyone. If you missed last week's comic, just click on the "Previous Comic" button below and check it out. Otherwise this week's strip won't make much sense.

There's a new Q&A coming up, too. I want to have it ready before Friday. I'll do what I can. Thanks to Monkeywrench and the A25U community for the questions. If I come off as bitter, well... hey, you guys know me.

Here's the new comic.

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