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Q&Ages 25 & Up #23: January 2011

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First Q&A of the New Year, ladies and gentledudes! Let's dig into some questions.

It's time for the 23rd Q & A session. Thanks to everyone who helped out.

Question #1 - Freedom asks:
When's BEARD FORCE coming back??!!

1337W422102 answers:
Good question! Beard Force was introduced to replace the shut down Tiger Force, but they haven't done too much since then, other than their underground radio station.

I had planned a story about Beard Force's enemy team, but then the figures and vehicle didn't come out in Canada, unless I paid outta the ass at a collector shop. So, I scrapped that idea, but I'm working on a new one. Their rival team might be a little unexpected! I'll get that story started when I get my hands on their ride.

Question #2 - by T J Bang asks:
When are we gonna see some Sgt. Slaughter?

1337W422102 answers:
I don't have and won't be getting his newschool figure, but I do have one of his '80s figures in my basement. I don't really have any intention to put him into the comic, though. Unless if I wanted him to do nothing but spout quotes from the Soldier from Team Fortress 2 and tell people to "be a man about it," "take a multivitamin," and "walk it off."

Question #3 - Sparhawk asks:
I went to South Carolina, not Canada for my vacation. Forgive me?

1337W422102 answers:
I can't stay mad at you, no matter how bad your judgment might be. I assume you were on a Beard Force scouting mission?

Question #4 - Sparhawk asks:
Even though we all know the answer and outcome, a Duke-Off would be epic. Can it happen?

1337W422102 answers:
Do you mean Nukem Vs Hauser? That boy scout already got his ass handed to him by the S.N.A.K.E. Eater. Duke Nukem's got better things to do with his time that Duke it out (see what I did there?) with Hauser.

That being said, this comic already puts them at odds with each other, and Hauser was revealed to have survived the S.N.A.K.E. Eater encounter, albeit in a complete body cast. Look for him in the background of the last issue of the Tech Support story. (Speaking of which, it's been a year since that story. Geez, where the crap does the time go?)

Question #5 - Sparhawk asks:
How’s your computer?

1337W422102 answers:
It got better. Everything's fine now, thanks! I had to replace the hard drive due to surface damage and dismantle the laptop to repair the fan. Backed up what wasn't corrupted on the hard drive, popped the new one in, reinstalled my OS and all my programs. Did this over a few days while listening to the blues and classic rock on the radio over New Year's.

Question #6 - Sparhawk asks:
What's next for big sprawling story lines?

1337W422102 answers:
There are a few things I'd like to do. Some are carry-overs from last year. I don't want to give anything away, but if I get around to it, 2011 will feature new faces, old foes, guys & dolls, big trucks, bad dudes, l'il fellas, revenge, and maybe a bit of romance.

The comic might feature some of those, too.

Question #7 - Sparhawk asks:
How sexy is Numbers?

1337W422102 answers:
You tell me.
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Question #8 - Night Viper 143 asks:
Will you be making any G.I. Joe Renegades references in your stories?

1337W422102 answers:

Question #9 - Monkeywrench asks:
What is the story on the custom Cover Girl? Did you make her yourself? Will she be a regular cast member now?

25th Anniversary-style Cover Girl made her first appearance in the 2010 Christmas issue, #121 "That Time Of Year." Her new updated body was a custom made by A25U figures supplier extraordinaire D.Chan! (Thanks again, man! I really appreciate it!)

I don't know if I want to make her a regular cast member just yet, but she will show up again for sure. Especially with Beard Force around! Though the bearded fellas better watch their mouths and keep their hands where she can see them if they don't want Beachhead to make good use of that new knife of his.

Question #10 - Monkeywrench asks:
What are your thoughts on the 2011 JoeCon set? Will you be attending the event?

1337W422102 answers:
I'm not interested in the set, I don't like the colours, and I won't be attending the event. 'Nuff said!

Question #11 - Azoric asks:
In File 123, where did you get that kickass Duke Nukem figure? I must have one!!!!

1337W422102 answers:
Thanks! That Duke figure was the first 25th Anniversary Joe custom I ever made. Here's a link to the thread I made about him, if you're interested. The parts I used to make him are as follows:

- 25th Copperhead's arms, torso, and thigh holster
- 25th Commando Snake-Eyes' legs
- head from Valor Vs Venom Classic Comic Pack #3 Hawk with custom shades
- 25th single-carded Flint's harness, handgun, and shotgun

Question #12 - The David Harris asks:
Have you ever gotten any hatemail, or messages complaining about your sense of humour?
Or are you not popular enough yet to receive such things?

1337W422102 answers:
I haven't received any hate mail, but there've been a few complaints. They can complain all they want; I assure you that I hate the comic more than they ever could. Haters gonna hate, after all.

Question #13 - The David Harris asks:
Is there a storyline you want to do, but can’t because the figures do not exist or are not readily available? If yes, what is it?

1337W422102 answers:
I was going to do a story in which Cobra finds and hires the A-Team to take down Beard Force, but those figures never made it to Canada and I really wasn't keen on paying outta the ass for them from specialty shops. I dropped that story, but I do have other plans for the Beard Forcers' rivals. (Wait, didn't I mention this earlier in this Q&A? Gettin' some déjà vu, here.)

Question #14 - The David Harris asks:
Have you ever thought you could lose the game from a question asked by a reader?

1337W422102 answers:
Sure, it happens. But I returned the favour with Batteries Not Included #6. Problem?

Question #15 - The David Harris asks:
I know that you are a fan of certain Japanese animé, such as Gurren Lagann and Cowboy Bebop. Do you have interest in bringing those franchises to the A25U universe?

1337W422102 answers:
Some of the Bebop crew have appeared before, like in the Silent Auction. I'll have them show up again sometime with other bounty hunters-- er, I mean, other freelance peacekeeping agents, yes?

As for Gurren Lagann, I don't really know how I'd fit that into the comic. Maybe in a Batteries Not Included strip in a drill-off against some Big Daddies. Would you kindly pierce the heavens? Who the hell do you think Lamb is watching?!

Well, that's it for another exciting Q&A, the very first of 2011 and of the new decade. That's kinda cool. Hope some of your questions were answered. If not, post them in the A25U HissTank thread, send me an email, put 'em in the chatbox on the left-hand side of the A25U blog, or drop them in the askbox of the Crunching Numbers page.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

COMIC - File #125: "Just Act Casual"

Yeah, I know it's not funny and this isn't a gaming comic. Deal with it.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

COMIC - File #123: "Small Plans"

Not much to say this week. Hope you enjoy the comic. I'm not really satisfied with it, but your mileage may vary.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

COMIC - File #122: "The Big Broadcast of 2011"

I'm back after a brief period of technical issues and other problems. I hope you had a great New Year. Here's a fresh comic for you to enjoy, if that sorta thing is your bag.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Numbers' New Year Newsletter

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As I sit down to nonchalantly compose this letter from my bulletproof glass penthouse overlooking the city of my birth, a city now in my pocket, I cannot help but mentally prod the events of the past year which have brought me here. I tell my eighty-five pierce orchestra, sitting before me of course, to play some heroic mood music so I may feel that I have won this round. Not that I couldn't feel this way without the music, but it helps.

2010 has come and gone and I have already disposed of my old calendars: physical, digital, ethereal, and otherwise. Haven't you? I must say that the events of this past year were quite unexpected. To think that I could have turned selling matches to schoolchildren into a lucrative business and eventually into the international empire which The Game-Set Match Co. is today is borderline mind-blowing, if I do say so myself. For those who have assisted me, your royalty cheques are in the mail. I thank you for your contributions and your time.

The last year began much like any other: snow, paperwork, being harassed by crazy hockey fans, etc. It is Canada, after all. Boredom with academia, campus security, and the educational machine in general (a system I imagine as a titanic malevolent mechanoid which I have dubbed "Academecha"), I began peddling matches to young children, at first for humour. (The increased arsonists' activity in the area is purely coincidental.) I found this to be a profitable enterprise, as modern children, for some reason, seem to have more disposable income than pensioners (who, unfortunately, have their own matchstick suppliers).

I grudgingly paid what little attention I could during two weeks in February as the world put on a smiley face and masturbated in Vancouver. (In case anyone is curious, the Olympic rings are a metaphor for circlejerking.)

As the global economy went to the shitter, I banked on the one unchanging staple, a constant factor in a fluctuating equation: matches. People need them. I have them. 'Nuff said. The summer months were a period of expansion for my business. Employees were hired, warehouses were purchased, and profits rose. The world came together for a while to be trolled by an octopus. I wanted to bring my vision of a lit match between the fingers of every child to the four corners of the world and began thinking outside the borders.

But my good fortune came with a heavy price. My pet, sidekick, an co-owner took his last breath, leaving me in despair and solitude. Farewell, my fluffy friend... The time machine I had ordered off Yahoo Japan Auctions hit 88mph and to cheer myself up, I flew back to sometime in the '80s and attended a Rick Springfield concert. I should have went to a screening of The Empire Strikes Back while I was there. Ah well, next time. But while the matchstick empire expanded, I felt an overwhelming hollow. Something was missing. Or rather, someone was missing.

The most important event of 2010 for me was undoubtedly my reunion with someone very dear to me, someone I've cared about for years but was unable to tell how I felt. If you're reading this, Dominique, I just want to let you know that I love you, that I didn't stop thinking of you during our radio silence, and to assure you that I am not actually completely insane. You are the best part of my 2010. I'll just wrap up my silly matches story now.

With the profits from the South American plant, I intend to finish the Super-Soldier Armour project so that I may begin the Space Program in fourth quarter 2011. Truly, it shall be a glorious year. Oh yes, we reached A25U #100, the Archive got deleted, and the Cobra Commander is free once more. I wish you all health, happiness, and all the other good stuff in 2011. Let's see what happens.

Stay frosty,
Elite Indestructible Superhero Ninja

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