Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Toy News from

That title's a little redundant, eh?

Anyway, I was reading some News on The have some photos of upcoming figures as well as listings of upcoming toys. So if you haven't seen them already, click the links.

I'm not saying more because it's worth checking out.

COMIC - File #02: "The New Joes"

Welcome back, trooper! I'll post a comic on Saturdays (think Saturday morning cartoons), so here's this week's strip. While the Joes get updated, Clutch gets left out. And drunk.

EDIT: In case you don't get the joke, Flash is the Joe's Laser Rifle Trooper. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle! (In this case, it's half the humour.)

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The New Joes
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

GI Joe Resolute Wallpaper and Letter from M.A.R.S.

Once again, news from Hasbro has emailed something special to people who went to the San Diego Comic Con: a GI Joe Resolute wallpaper and a letter from CEO of M.A.R.S., James McCullen Destro XXIV.

The letter is quite funny and the wallpaper, which features silhouettes of the Resolute characters in front of an aircraft carrier (NOT the Resolute USS Flagg) also looks good.

Check it out by clicking here!

Movie News: Black Neo Viper

More news from It seems they have an image of a Black Neo Viper from the upcoming 'GI Joe movie.'

Click here for the image and article. Spoiler: the costume's black, just like all of them so far. Big surprise.

25th Wave 12 Image

News from they have an image of Wave 12 of the GI Joe 25th Anniversary collection. The Wave consists of:

- Tripwire
- Ninja Gear Storm Shadow
- Cobra Diver
- Cobra Trooper w/red symbol
- Python Patrol Crimson Guard
- Cartoon Ripper

Click here to see the image and article from

I'm not crazy about this repaint/retool Wave. I'll probably pass on them all. The Cobra Trooper looks great, though.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Herb Trimpe's Coming to Comic-Con

Good news for Montreal and Baltimore! Herb Trimpe will be at the Montreal Comicon (September 6 & 7) and the Baltimore Comic-Con (September 27 & 28). Herb Trimpe's worked on many of Mighty Marvel's books, including Hulk, Iron Man, Indiana Jones, Transformers, and of course, GI Joe.

You can read more about Herb Trimpe by clicking here and you can visit his website,

Sunday, August 24, 2008

On Original 13 Whorism

I'm a huge fan of the GI Joe 25th line. It's so great to see the characters remade with better detail, articulation, proportions, etc. I am unable to go back to ARAH bodies and I don't want to!

For a while, a goal of mine has been to collect figures of the original thirteen members of the GI Joe team, the "Original 13," if you will. I was trying to get their comic pack re-versions from the Valor Vs Venom line, using DTC figs like Grand Slam to fill in the blanks. I wasn't able to get them all and in retrospect, I'm glad I failed. Had I managed to hunt them all down I'd be really pissed knowing that I'd have to do it all again for the 25th figures. But, being an Original 13 Whore, I'd have got them all again anyway.

My current goal is to try to collect the 25th Anniversary Original 13 figures in their 'v1' costumes. Due to Canada's crap distribution and language laws screwing us out of Wave after Wave, it hasn't been easy, but so far I've managed to get 8 of the 13.

I've made a handy guide to finding the 25th O13 and I wanted to share it with you guys. Click here and enjoy. Oh, and while you're there, why not take a look around the boards, and/or sign up? You might enjoy your time there!

That's it for now.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

COMIC - File #01: "The Update Gambit"

Hmm. For some reason, this is registered as a 'spam blog.' I guess someone misinterpreted the title!

I hope that issue gets cleared up. And speaking of issues, here's the very first Ages 25 & Up comic, "The Update Gambit"!

Please excuse the crappy photos and the tiny panels. It gets better, I assure you.
Enjoy the comic, and feel free to post your comments.

Click on the comic to view full size. Yo Joe!

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The Update Gambit
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Welcome to Ages 25 & Up, Trooper!

Thanks for visiting the official Ages 25 & Up site, where you'll be able to find my GI Joe figcomic, featuring the GI Joe 25th Anniversary action figures in all of their 3.75" glory. They're nine-and-a-half centimetres of attitude!

In Ages 25 & Up, the characters are indeed toys, but retain the personalities (and character flaws) of the Joes and Cobras they represent (but this might change if a story arc calls for it).

I probably won't post on a regular basis, so I apologize for the potential infrequent updates!

Welcome aboard, soldier!

A word of warning though:
As the title implies, Ages 25 & Up is NOT intended for all audiences, due largely to language and content. It's not a family-friendly comic aimed at your kids. It's a comic for grown-up Joe collectors who are looking for a laugh.

Ages 25 & Up didn't last long at, the friendly Canadian Joe forum (again, sorry for the trouble guys) because it's for all ages.

If this is your kind of humour, pull up a chair and enjoy the strips. If it isn't, you don't have to read them. The real GI Joe comics are much better. And often funnier, too.

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