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Q & Ages 25 & Up #12: December 2009

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This is a milestone, ladies and gentlemen! This is the 12th Q&A we've had here at the Ages 25 & Up blog. January 10, 2009 marked the first Q&A, so while it hasn't exactly been a whole year, it's close enough! And this is the final Q&A session for the year, too! Once again, a huge thank-you to Monkeywrench and everyone else from the HissTank.com forums who helped with our online discussions!

Here's what Monkeywrench said, and the questions. Enjoy!
It's time for the December Q & A! This being the busy time of year we only have 6 questions this time. This is probably the most personal Q & A to date as none of the questions have anything to do with the current or past storylines. Anyway, here're the questions. Thanks to G.I.Eddie and to Topside for helping.

Question #1 - Monkeywrench asks:
Do you follow or pay attention to any other Joe comics/dios? There is a few others that pop up on the Tank from time to time. I’m wondering if you pay attention to other people’s work? Or do you try to ignore others to keep your ideas fresh?

1337W422102 answers:
It's not that I purposefully ignore other people, it's just that I work on my own comic and... well, I'm an introvert. I used to follow COL Abernathy's Axis Power over on the HissTank.com forums, which is incredible by the way. It makes my dinky little comic look like the dinky little comic it is!

Question #2 - Monkeywrench asks:
Will we be seeing a story involving Ripcord? I think you would write a very interesting story involving the different incarnations of him. I think it would be a classic.

1337W422102 answers:
The only Rip Cord figure I have is his v1 figure, who appeared in File #30 "Rip Off". I had chance to buy his 25th Anniversary version, but I decided instead to buy a 25th Clutch for my best friend. Can you blame me?

I want him to show up again, but I think it will have to wait until I get his 25th version. And I am NOT buying any of the Wayans brothers.

Question #3 - Topside asks:
Have you ever seen Kelly Heroes? Comic gold! I’d love to see you work some of that into a A25U story!

1337W422102 answers:
Kelly's Heroes, the wartime heist comedy? I haven't seen it, but it sounds awesome. I don't think anything that has Clint Eastwood in it needs to be remade, either!

Question #4 - Topside asks:
Don’t know if it’s the same thing in Canada as it here in the States, but why is Star Wars more popular than G.I. Joe? Do they get a larger line because they’re more popular or they are more popular because of a better managed line? Your opinion?

1337W422102 answers:
Well, with stuff like Clone Wars aimed at kids and Star Wars collectors having the chance to buy figures of every single z-grade character who's ever appeared on-screen ever, there's a hell of a lot of Star Wars stuff out there to buy. I think that franchise is popular because, well, it's great. Plus, it's not hard to see why the fantasy worlds of Star Wars seem to have more appeal than stuff like army dudes from something kids've never heard of before, you know? I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but we have a lot of Star Wars stuff up here in Canada, too. But not enough, I tell ya - I can't wait for that Slave Girl Leia figure to kneel to Clutch.

Question #5 - G.I.Eddie asks:
Seriously, how much fun do you have making these strips? It’s like playing with your toys, but grown up style… what’s the most fun part? The setup, story creation, or the dialogue?

1337W422102 answers:
It's a LOT of fun to make the comic, but sometimes it does become a chore. During school weeks, my week would often break down like this: Type up scripts on school computers between classes and e-mail them to myself. Edit the comics at home after/instead of homework. Saturdays would usually be dedicated to the comic, shooting and editing, which would halve my weekend. It's a lot of work, which is why some issues were a measly 4 panels because I just couldn't dedicate more time to the comic and manage to finish my assignments. Take for example Files #65 and #66. They were originally written as a single comic but due to real-life, I had to split it up into two.

But yeah, every week, I get to play with toys, take silly photos, and dick around in Photoshop. I love it. If only women and money were involved!

The most fun part, I find, it talking with you guys, the readers, over at the A25U thread on the forums. Getting your reactions and interacting with you is the best part of making the comic. Knowing that someone had a good laugh to start the weekend makes it all worth it!

Question #6 - G.I.Eddie asks:
Do you have help with your comics? I can imagine how fun it would be to have a couple guys bouncing ideas off each other, posing the figures in positions that aren’t exactly kid friendly, lol.

1337W422102 answers:
Sometimes I talk about the comic with friends and toss around ideas, but the only time I've had someone else around when shooting a comic was for last year's Christmas special. My friend let me shoot a scene in the Christmas village. Other than that, I shoot them all alone at my place. I launch WinAmp, blast some tunes, and shoot that crap. I really don't want other people around as I spend hours moving toys around and photograph them, because I'm sure they'd get bored out of their minds.

There you have it! Hope the I was able to answer your questions! Join us again next month!

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