Monday, December 14, 2009

Arbco Islands Update

Cobra is making progress! Here's what a newspaper had to say about their expanding colony in the Cayman Islands:

Monday, 14 December, 2009. Late Edition.

"Cobra Settlement Shedding its Skin," by Clark Parker

Last week, the world discovered leaked military satellite photos which proved that international enterprise Cobra Command (Stock Symbol: FJoe) has invaded the Cayman Islands.

What began as a few cabins developed into farmland. Now, after only a weekend, the settlement known as the "Arbco Islands" has grown into a small town, with paved roads, a hospital-like building, and a residential housing district. Architects have commented that the Arbco Islands' houses look "eerily similar to [those of] Springfield, USA," a town known for its alleged attachment to Cobra.

The Cobra settlement is rumoured to serve as the new base of operations for the Cobra Physician "DrNightmare," who is believed to have made his lair inside the multistory building in the town's centre.

Cobra's intentions are at this point unknown. International forces have yet to react.

Cobra's little town is growing, and is currently the 183rd largest city in the Cayman Islands. Will it reach #1, conquering the Cayman Islands and the hidden riches they possess? If they're going to, Cobra will need YOUR help! Visit the Arbco Islands today! Each time someone goes to, the town's population will increase and the city will develop. When the population gets high enough, more development options will be available, such as improved transportation and new factories. So if you want Cobra's new overseas base to survive, visit it and/or send the link to some friends! Maximum of one visit per person, per day. COBRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

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