Friday, June 5, 2015

Operation: "Tree-Hunnid," Sitrep 2: Delays Ahead.

I'll cut right to the chase:

#300 is coming along well, but slowly.  So, it is with much self-loathing that I have to push back its release date, but only by a few days.

The previously-announced tentative release date of June 7 is going to be pushed back by LITERALLY  a couple of days.  I want it up by JUNE 9, 2015.  If I need it push it back again, I will let you know but I really want to have it ready by the 9th.

I will leave you with an exclusive still from the short, one that I haven't even shown to the rest of the cast.  What could it mean?  Has Lenin returned and taken over Cobra?  Do androids dream of electric sheep?

All will be revealed next week.  Thanks for your continued patience, sorry to keep you waiting, and hang in there -- we're almost ready!

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