Tuesday, May 26, 2015

SITREP: Operation "Tree-Hunnid"

Hey, guys, here's an update on the status of #300.

Basically, it is coming along swimmingly. It's going to be a short (SHORT!) animation with its own more-or-less self-contained story but also has hooks that tie it into the next story arc. Join us as a few fan-favourite characters get in way over their heads, and the only way out might be the greater of two evils...

So good news and bad news. Bad news is that is it's going slower than expected, so let's pencil in a tentative release date of JUNE 7, 2015. Tentative, okay? Okay.

Good news is that I have a special preview for you. Here's a still from the set of #300, which may or may not be entirely legit.  We'll find out on and/or around June 7, 2015!  See ya then.

Click to see full size

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