Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Skype Session this Saturday!

#200 will be coming out next week, which leaves a big empty space this week where it would have gone.  What do you say we fill it with a Skype session?  I'll answer your questions, take your comments/feedback/hate, and we'll have a chance to just shoot the shit with Joe fans.  Sounds good?

We'll do it over Skype because I get the impression that people use it.  I'm not particularly fond if it myself, but hey.  You can get yourself a Skype client here and make an account here.  It's easy, painless, and you can uninstall it when you're done.  It's free, so don't give them any money.

Once you get your account ready and have loaded your client, hit "Add Contact" and in the username field, enter teh1337W422102.  Do this whenever you want, and come Saturday night at 9 PM Eastern, I'll start a chat session and invite anyone interested.  Drop in/out any time you want; just let me know that you want in on Skype and I'll invite you to the session.  Simple as that!

You don't have to have a mic or headset to participate.  You can type messages just fine, or simply lurk if you'd like.  I'll stay online as long as there's interest, so drop by when you want and let's have a good time.

Any questions?  Post them in the comments section of this post.  See you on Saturday!

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