Monday, July 30, 2012

SITREP: Well, crap.

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 Yeah, sorta like that.

Long story short, I'm screwed.

I'll explain.  I'm one of the poor saps who owns an HP laptop.  Or rather, one who got owned by an HP laptop.  Their Pavilion dv6000 series (among others) is known for its piss-poor construction and absurd failure rate.  Using the machine since 2009, I've coped as best as I could as a bullet list of parts failed, falling off as if struck with some horrible, incurable disease.

The laptop is built like shit, which is why we got it at such a low price.  Hell, there was a class-action lawsuit against HP, and the dv6000 is one of the models that lead to such action.  I've made due as the speakers died, the optical drive and USB ports took on lives of their own, the screen hinges fell out of place (rendering the devices in the lid other than the screen useless), and other such trials.  But this was the end of it.

The problem that killed my laptop was, appropriately enough, the same issue that caused all those Xbox 360s (including mine) to develop the Crimson Circle of Cancer: a ridiculously unbelievable design flaw that, in both cases, was left in because WHO CARES, LOL MONEY

I'm writing this from another, more reliable Lenovo laptop I borrowed from my other brother.  I've installed Photoshop on it and some other programs to try to still be productive, but needless to say, production of #200 has hit a major, serious snag.  My dead laptop's hard drive has been removed and is sitting in an enclosure, so I haven't lost any data, only progress.  I'll have to start over what I had already.  Maybe this wouldn't be such a big deal if #200 was just a regular issue.  But trust me, it's far from one.

I'm going to need more time, and if you're willing to, perhaps a bit of your help.  I need to get myself a new computer, which might be tough, being a broke-ass full-time student with a soul-crushing assembly-line summer job.  So if anyone wants to help me out a bit, I've added a donation button and explanatory page to the blog.  Friends suggested this, and though I have been extremely reluctant to do so, they were ultimately right when they said that if readers wanted to show their support, they should at least have that option available to them.  This is not some kind of cashgrab attempt. 

So that's what I wanted to say.  Please, be patient, thanks for your encouragement, and if you want to, there's now a donate button if you want to throw some change at me.  Thanks for sticking around these last four years.  We're not done yet.

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