Sunday, March 9, 2014

File #239 and the Fate of the 50th Anniversary

In completely unsurprising news, Hasbro has allegedly canned up the Joe line.  I can't say I'm surprised, seeing as how badly they've handled/treated the franchise lately.  That being said, I can't find solid evidence; just these speculationish posts on Joe sites.  I don't even know the source of the quote in that article.

I'd rather see the line pull a M*A*S*H and go out while it's good rather than go full-'90s like LAST time.  I guess they already have with their Hollywood shenanigans (twice!), lack of meaningful media presence (crap movies, made-for-TV fanwank trolling movie, some cartoon on a channel average folks don't get), and zombief-- foolishness.

Right, enough of that.  Now for this week's comic.

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