Monday, May 6, 2013

We've come too far to give up who we are.

So We Here At Ages 25 & Up have been busy at work on #200 for some time now.  Many of you might have given up any faith you had in A25U; understandably so.  But we aren't done yet.  And we aren't stopping until it's finished.

But it won't be much longer.

This week, a third and final trailer for #200 will go online.  It will reveal the release dates for both #200 and #199.5, the much-needed recap issue.

We can't apologize enough for how long this has taken, but maybe the new trailer and the release date might restore a bit of our ruined, smouldering credibility.

In case you missed them, here's the first trailer  for #200 as well as the second trailer.  Neither of them are indicative of the quality of the full #200, or its tone.  They're (cock)teasers, after all.

To show that We Here At Ages 25 & Up have been working on #200 all this time, here are spy photos of Helix hard at work, captured by our mate Dr. Syn from The Smuggling Cove.  So scroll down, enjoy, and report back this weekend for Trailer #300 and release dates!

Stay frosty.
She's gotta get comfy before she can edit video.
 Hard At Work!

There we go. Lotsa comfort for lotsa productivity.
 Hard At Work!

Working so hard she built up an appetite.
Don't let it go to your hips, Helix.
 Hard At Work!

Er... I guess she was really hungry.
Okay, back to work, Helix. 
 Hard At Work!

Fine, ONE Girls' Night Out, THEN you get back to work.
 Hard At Work!

I don't even know what she's doing in this one.
 Hard At Work!

Heh.  Some party.  Wash up, Helix, and get back to work on #200.
 Hard At Work!

So... See you this weekend for Trailer #3!

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