Friday, December 9, 2011

It Came From The Commuity: David's Workshop

I'd like to try something a bit different. The "It Came From The Community" segments will highlight cool stuff from Ages 25 & Up fans and readers, all three of them.

You guys even been to David's Workshop? If not, check it out! David's working on some pretty cool Joe customs and more. Right now, he's going through the process of customizing a figure and documenting the whole process (which really makes me feel like I should put more thought into my half-assed customs...). He's putting in a lot of work (and love), so give him some support in the comments sections of his posts. (If you could spare some custom fodder to send his way, I think he'd make excellent use of it!)

David's also an A25U reader and dedicated a post on his page to the comic, which was pretty damn cool of him. He also actively posts in the comments box on the left-hand sidebar, which you can use to share your thoughts with other readers (even if it's something like "I <3 cheese," which I do).

So check out David's Workshop and cheer him on! I'm looking forward to seeing what he has in store.

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