Friday, July 23, 2010

COMIC - File #100: "Brothers in Silence"

First of all, I just wanted to apologize for not having this special issue ready last week. Thanks for being patient and for reading the comic. Without you guys and gals, there would be no comic.

Last week was the first week in almost two years with no new comic. I'm afraid this week will be the second. Because #100 is not a comic.


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Unknown said...

That was completely, 100 percent AWESOME!

Great title! Great job on the stop motion. Great fight scene. Funny sign.

What more can you ask for? (Not to wait until #200 for a sequel?)

1337W422102 said...

Thanks, Chris! As for the sequel, well, their animosity will continue in the regular comic. Pity they can't just get along...

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