Thursday, May 6, 2010

"By The Numbers" and Grow the Beard reminder

Ctrl-Z, one of the loyal comic readers from, wrote a short article about Ages 25 & Up on his site, ColorlessTune. (I didn't commission this in any way, mind you!) I just thought it was something cool I would share with you guys. Thanks, Ctrl-Z!

Also, if you haven't already checked out Helix's facebook page, there's still time to enter the "GROW THE BEARD" contest! Just click on this link and read the rules, and YOU could be the newest member of Beard Force. Contest closes tonight at midnight, so dig up a photo of you with a beard (or, if you're a woman, a photo of you with someone with a beard) that you feel demonstrates Beard Force values, and post it along with the required information on Helix's page. Once again, here are the rules. Good luck to all!

New comic will be up on/by Saturday, so stay tuned!


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