Saturday, January 23, 2010

Arbco Islands - They Built This City On Rock & Roll

Cobra's settlement in the Cayman Islands grows more powerful with each passing day! Here's what a local newspaper had to say:

Saturday, 23 January, 2009. Late Edition.

"Cobra Sinks its Fangs into Cayman Islands," by Clark Parker

One of the newest settlements has already become one of the most powerful. Cobra Command (Stock Symbol: FJoe) established a base on the islands in December and the influx of Cobra followers has resulted in an industrial revolution of unheard-of speed and tenacity.

Throughout the colony, known as the "Arbco Islands," Cobra's followers busy themselves with agriculture, industrialization, building a transportation system, and other "surely nefarious schemes," according to an unnamed U.S. Military General. What began as a few log cabins has escalated into a downtown core of high-rises with houses resembling those of Springfield, USA, and a pair of factories, presumed to be fuel processing plants for Cobra aircraft.

The Arbco Islands settlement is currently the 73rd largest city in the Cayman Islands, with a population estimated at around 120 devoted Cobra followers. Cobra Command's intentions are at this point unknown. International forces have yet to react.

Cobra's little town is growing, and is currently the 73rd largest city in the Cayman Islands. Will it reach #1, conquering the Cayman Islands and the hidden riches they possess? If they're going to, Cobra will need YOUR help! Visit the Arbco Islands today! Each time someone goes to, the town's population will increase and the city will develop. When the population gets high enough, more development options will be available, such as improved transportation and new factories. So if you want Cobra's new overseas base to survive, visit it and/or send the link to some friends! Maximum of one visit per person, per day. COBRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

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