Sunday, February 15, 2009

Awesome in the Mail

Ages 25 & Up would not be possible if it wasn't for you guys, my friends and readers. Your ideas, support, and feedback is always valued, so don't be afraid to post a comment on any of the posts I make or in the Official Ages 25 & Up thread at

Thanks to my friends, I've been able to get some figures and vehicles I wouldn't have been able to get otherwise (at least not with ease, care, and/or for a good price). Big thanks to's Joebern28 for 25th Grunt, and Mandalore the Skepsis of the Mandalorian Guilds for Lady Jaye (and other stuff which will find its way into the comic)!

Last week, I got a large package in the mail. It was from my good friend Homer from the forums and the Guilds:


So much win! Short-Fuze is now mine. (12 of the Original 13 down, one left to go -- damn 7-packs!) Now Steeler finally has his visor (I imagine this new version is much sleeker than the box-like '82 model):

The Joes have their OG tank back, and Stalker's got his JUMP:

I'm going to leave the Black-Helmet Destro Comic Pack sealed, but I'm going to open up the Doc when I'll need him for the comic:

Big thanks to Homer for the Box O' Win, Mando and Joebern28 for the great figures, and to everyone for reading and letting me know what you think!

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