Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Navigation Changes

Hey Gang.

I've made some changes to the navigation system in order to make it easier to browse through the comics. Sure, I've only posted 2 so far, but still.

Here's how it works:

At the top of the navbar on the left, there's a large button which will link you to "this week's comic," meaning the latest comic I've posted in case I ever fall a week behind! Click on that image to go the post containing the freshest comic.

Each comic will now have navigation buttons posted with them. Click on "Previous Comic" to view the post containing the previous comic. Click on "Next Comic" to to the post containing the next comic. (I link to posts and not the images themselves because sometimes there is information about the comic that might be useful to read, and in case you want to read/post comments.)

In case you want to view the images themselves without being burdened by 'posts,' 'comments,' 'text,' and 'literacy,' all you have to do is click on a comic strip to be brought to the Comic Image Archive. There you can browse all of the comics I've posted (and you might find upcoming comics I've uploaded but haven't posted yet!).

The navbar column on the left also has instructions written at the top in case you need them.

I hope that these changes make it easier for you guys to navigate the site and enjoy the comics. Thanks for browsing and sticking around!

Also, in case I forget to update links, let me know by posting a comment or sending me an email. Thanks for the help, guys!

One more thing, this Saturday, I'll be going to the Montreal Comic Con and I'll try to get some comics signed by Herb Trimpe. Fear not, once I get home and finish bagging/boarding my dollar-bin treasures, I'll post the next Ages 25 & Up strip. See you Saturday!

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