Sunday, September 21, 2008

25th Viper Hands & Some Site News

Some people seem to be less than happy about the 25th Anniversary Viper figure. (Too bad for them; more Vipers for us, yes?) The Viper hands/wrists are moulded for a single purpose, it seems: holding their weapon. They can hold that gun very well, but they can't seem to do much else (maybe ride a motorcycle, or something).

Well, I've discovered that they can do something else with those hands:

As you can see, their hands are perfectly moulded for holding their gear.

Now for some site news: I'm thinking of putting up some reviews for figures and stuff. Thing is, by the time I'd have the reviews up, you'd probably already have the stuff I'm reviewing. Still, I'd like to share my opinions (and photos) with you guys, so Reviews are on my To Do list.

Because you asked for it, Cobra's coming. They're up to something. Something BIG. So big, it demands the first-ever Ages 25 & Up Special Event. But more on that later.

EDIT: This is my 21st post. I was going to make this whole post "Silent Interlude" style, but it would have been too hard.

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