Saturday, August 23, 2008

Welcome to Ages 25 & Up, Trooper!

Thanks for visiting the official Ages 25 & Up site, where you'll be able to find my GI Joe figcomic, featuring the GI Joe 25th Anniversary action figures in all of their 3.75" glory. They're nine-and-a-half centimetres of attitude!

In Ages 25 & Up, the characters are indeed toys, but retain the personalities (and character flaws) of the Joes and Cobras they represent (but this might change if a story arc calls for it).

I probably won't post on a regular basis, so I apologize for the potential infrequent updates!

Welcome aboard, soldier!

A word of warning though:
As the title implies, Ages 25 & Up is NOT intended for all audiences, due largely to language and content. It's not a family-friendly comic aimed at your kids. It's a comic for grown-up Joe collectors who are looking for a laugh.

Ages 25 & Up didn't last long at, the friendly Canadian Joe forum (again, sorry for the trouble guys) because it's for all ages.

If this is your kind of humour, pull up a chair and enjoy the strips. If it isn't, you don't have to read them. The real GI Joe comics are much better. And often funnier, too.

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