Monday, December 4, 2017

MIA? AFK? BNI! A25U Flashback: Batteries Not Included

Stop the presses! Hold the phone!

I'm alive!

 I can't believe it's been about a month since my last post.  (I'm sure the feeling is mutual.)  Crap's been pretty nuts on my mind, and real life unfortunately has to come first, but that's no excuse for not at least keeping you guys up to date.

Really, guys, I'm sorry, and I will aim to do better.  I don't want a repeat of #200 but it's kind of shaping up that way, isn't it?  I want #400 ready in time for Christmas, to the point that I've written some seasonal material for it, which requires shooting, voicing, and editing.  If the short isn't ready in time, I'll scrap that Christmas bit, or find some other way to use it that won't reveal #400's surprises.

Speaking of #400, here is one of the frames taken from the shoot.  Provided without explanation or context!

Click to see full size
But what could this mean?  Mild-mannered newsman Dick Wanker (formerly of CUNL, now with ITV, International Terrorist Videos) standing next to the legendary Solid Snake?  What is Dick doing?  Why is Snake casually pointing a FAMAS at the back of his knees?  How can Snake be calmly smoking while Dick freaks out?  Why is Snake standing in a puddle of blue stuff?  Where the hell is the background?  Could this be a still from an effects shot, without the effects edited in?

Only time will tell!  (Gone for a month and this is all I'm willing to reveal so far?  Call my the Cryptic Keeper, eh?)

Of course, a Flashback post wouldn't be a Flashback post without actual A25U Flashback content.  This time, I want to go way back to 2010.  Back then, I was contacted by pop-culture website Crimson Monkey in regards to making a monthly comic strip for their site.  I decide to go for a short, three- to four-panel newspaper-style strip that wasn't "ha ha" funny, but rather "I see what you did there" amusing.  Many strips would be inspired by the pop-cultural and/or seasonal goings-on of the month in which it was posted (holidays, movies opening, games launching, etc.), but not all of them.  It also had its share of running gags, the humour value of which is debatable.

It was called Batteries Not Included, and it is Ages 25 & Up's long-lost sister comic.  What do I mean by that?  I'll explain next week, when I'll post the second batch of BNI strips and explain its fate.

Until then, here's a buncha BNI comics for you.  CLICK ON ANY OF THEM FOR A BIGGER VERSION.  See you in seven-ish!

Click to see full size Click to see full size Click to see full size Click to see full size Click to see full size Click to see full size Click to see full size Click to see full size Click to see full size Click to see full size Click to see full size

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