Monday, February 22, 2016

#335 "This Just In"

This issue is late, I know, but for a good reason.  It's the oversized conclusion to a story that's been running since #300.  (I TOLD YOU I had some kind of plan!)  Only fitting, then, that it mirrors #300 in some way.  As for the oversized bit, HOW oversized, you might ask?

A standard A25U issue is about 4000 pixels tall.  This one in excess of 8,900 pixels.  That's big!  Sure, it's not entirely original content, but--  Well, you'll see.

Thanks for humouring me and letting me make this Jurassic Park story for months and months and months.  If you'd like, you can read the entire story arc (not including #300) on this page right here.  Just scroll down and enjoy.

Here's the last issue of our "Joerassic Park" story.  I spared no expense or time in making it.  Hope you like it!

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