Wednesday, September 9, 2015

#311 "Nice Rims"

Apologies for being late this week. I had family in from out of town and out of the country for the long weekend, and needless to say, real life always comes first.

Okay, so how about this?  Let's say that this is THIS week's issue, and next week, I'll make a new issue and we'll be back on track, yes?

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SlickMcFavorite said...

I thought I saw some promotional material for a 3.75 JP Jeep for JW, but I haven't seen one. Is yours a custom?

Thanks for your time...Jason

1337W422102 said...

Hey, Jason!

The Jeep I used is the 1:16th radio controlled JW Jeep from Jada Toys. The interior is almost non-existent. The driver can't sit down... Wireless is actually kneeling in front of the steering wheel!

You can find its product page here:

Thanks for checking out the comic and leaving a comment! If I can help with anything else, just let me know.

SlickMcFavorite said...

Thanks so much! Keep up the great work!

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