Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Backlog of Batteries Not Included!

Wow, way to fail on my part. I forgot to share some Batteries Not Included comics with you. Let's fix that, yes?

First, in BNI #12 "Take Your Vitamins," a steroid-powered hero returns to the fray. (He's also in the current A25U story arc, so we'll see some more of him soon.)
Click to see the comicLike summer blockbusters? Me neither. BNI #13 (Some Annoying Rhyme) features some colourful superheroes.
Click to see the comicYou'll spend some quality time with Captain America in BNI #14 "USA F YEAH". Read the Cap's Guide to Freedom & Liberty.
Click to see the comicThirsty for more Batteries Not Included? Check out the BNI page at Crimson Monkey to find all of the strips!

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