Monday, March 15, 2010

Arbco Islands - Uprising!

Disturbing news regarding Cobra's colony in the Cayman Islands. Here's an article from a local paper, fresh off the presses:

Sunday, 16 March, 2010. Early Edition.

"Cobra Colony on the Rise," by Clark Parker

Last year, Cobra Command (Stock Symbol: FJoe) created a small colony on the remote Cayman Islands. An unnamed source informed the authorities that the settlement is administrated by a man named Fred Arbco, better known as "Fred 69." Under his control, the population of the "Arbco Islands" continues to grow and shows no signs of stopping.

Since then, the Cobra colonists have experienced an industrial revolution, establishing themselves as an important exporter of experimental aviation fuel. Now, Cobra seems to be taking the operation in a different direction. They have erected an immense tower in the Arbco Islands' downtown core. This tower features a prominent spire and 5 communication antennae. "A [system of that nature] is almost guaranteed to be a radar jamming station," commented Alvin Kibbey, a communications specialist associated with the U.S. military.

Cobra has not yet made any demands nor threats, and their intentions are presently unknown. International forces have yet to react.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Cobra continues to develop their Arbco Islands base and they need YOUR help! Visit the Arbco Islands today! Each time someone goes to, the town's population will increase and the city will develop. Rather than simply increasing the population, you can choose to build a new factory or improve the transit network. Maximum of one action per IP address per day. If you want Cobra's settlement to survive and thrive, and most importantly, become the largest and richest city in the Cayman Islands, send some links to friends! COBRAAAAAAAA!!

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