Friday, May 8, 2009

Set a Course for the Movie Theatre - Warp Factor 5

It's not often that I post about non-G.I. Joe stuff here, but please bear with me. Like many people, I was initially sceptical when I heard about the new Star Trek film, one starring a bunch of people I didn't know, being directed by someone I didn't like (his damn shakycam and overuse of lens flare bugs me). But after seeing the teasers and the trailers, I was convinced.

Yesterday, two of my buddies and I put on some red shirts and headed down to the cinema. The new Star Trek movie opened last night, and I have to say that it is incredible. Even if you are not a fan of Star Trek, you will probably enjoy this film.

It is not campy. It is not cheesy. It is not a bunch of kids pretending to be Shatner and Nimoy. It is Star Trek, plain and simple, done by today's standards, with all of the care, respect, and love that the franchise deserves.

When I say "today's standards," I don't mean that the Redshirts all wear black accelerator suits. I don't mean that the Enterprise has chrome rims and flames painted on it. What I mean is that it doesn't look like a sci-fi TV show from the 1960s. The Redshirts still wear red shirts. The new Enterprise is sleeker and has more curves, but it is undeniably the NCC-1701. THIS is how to make a relaunch/reboot/reimagining/whatever you want to call it this week. If only Paramount could get their heads out of their collective asses and grant this much respect to the Hasbro properties' movies.

Star Trek is an epic character-driven drama that spans space and time, and just happens to be set in space. But it is so well crafted, that most of the time, you won't even notice. The acting and characterization are terrific, and there are plenty of references and nods to the past that older Trek fans will catch.

The Star Trek curse, that only even-numbered films are good, has been broken. Whether you are a veteran Trek fan looking for a Voyage Home to visit some old friends, or a young cadet on his or her very first mission, this film is for you. Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.

If you are still skeptical, please watch this trailer, and then boldly go to a theatre near you.

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