Friday, January 16, 2009

COMIC - File #22: "Seeing Double"

After the success of "Silent Intermission" (thanks to all who let me know they liked it!), I'm not sure how I can post another comic and even think it's entertaining.

Well, here goes anyway. This is the second part of the 'Scarlett's Sister Willow' story arc. Keep in mind that it's a little less PC than usual. It's lonely down in the Pit, okay?

One more thing: big thanks to Imperial_Serpentor of the forums for pointing out that I hadn't introduced Willow yet when I used her in a previous comic. The plot hole is now fixed!

Here's this week's comic.

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Future Negro said...

that "tight" comment was perfect. I was thinking it before I even read it.

1337W422102 said...

Giggity giggity goo!
Thanks, FF!

Anonymous said...

i fuckin love this comic!

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